Venture Thinking - AR resources

Thanks to Heather from Venture Thinking for sending me some samples of some of their AR (Augmented Reality) resources.
I had seen similar cards before, but not had a chance to have a play with them in detail. They have been very well received by all who have seen them.

I had previously contacted one company to suggest that there was an opportunity here to bring geographical processes to life: this would include the rock cycle, coastal erosion, volcanic eruptions, ecosystem change etc. They said they were concentrating on other areas, which is fair enough.

The first was a historical map of London, which comes to life when looked at through the camera on a smartphone with a historical timeline. Here is the city of London burning during the Great Fire as animated when looking through the phone camera at the map image.

Heather sent me 2 packs of AR cards as well. I had a look at these with some KS2 pupils. They are on the theme of Space and Animals.
They are rather good. Each one comes to life with an animal or animation when placed within the camera and the app is running.

Would be a nice way to introduce or consolidate learning on topics that the cards relate to...
More to come in the new school year..