Thursday this week saw the naming ceremony for the new British Antarctic Survey research ship, the Sir David Attenborough. It was a reminder that asking the public their opinion is a bad idea as it would have been called Boaty McBoatface if the public vote was actually followed through with.
I suggested Tom Crean for the name at the time.

We have been in discussions with British Antarctic Survey to get someone in to speak to the students, and this would be excellent with this renewed interest, and also to coincide with our unit on the Antarctic.

Simon Armitage, the new Poet Laureate, and a geography graduate no less, published a new poem on the same day. It recasts the ship as a modern day Ark... exploring the impacts of climatic change.
It can be read on Simon's own website page, as a PDF

Later that day, Simon then visited Jamie and the Encounter Edu team...

Ark: copyright Simon Armitage 

Image: Copyright BAS Press Office.