Bruges for D3

A couple of weeks ago, I started off on the first of two ERASMUS projects which will involve me in doing a great deal of work and writing over the next three years, representing King's Ely.
It is called D3: Developing Digital Data Literacy. A new website area is coming soon, along with a new logo.

I travelled via Eurostar to Bruges, via Brussels - always a smooth journey, and checked into the hotel by the railway station before an evening wander around the city, including some visits to locations from the film 'In Bruges'.
I know the city well, having visited several times on previous ERASMUS projects.

The following morning, I met up with the partners. I had worked with several of them many times before, but it was lovely to have three new partners for this project, which means three new opportunities to visit new places and have new perspectives and challenges.

YouthMetre was the original project which we are building on with some school resources and teacher training materials.

We are going to be working on OpenData projects. If you know of any excellent new OpenData Sources please get in touch with me.

Here are the partners outside Sint-Lodewijkscollege where we were meeting. We had 2 days of meetings and also some social time in the city, including a walk up the Belfort, and some restaurants around the edge of the city, as well as some classic views and a few ales.

We made excellent progress on working through the key outputs we will create over the next two years, and started to plan what we are going to be doing for the next six months ahead of our next meeting in Sicily.
I will share some of the outcomes here of course, as I have done with the previous projects that I have been involved with.

Looking forward to opening the door to some new learning....

Image of Bruges by Alan Parkinson