GA Presidents Group

I've just finished my first month as GA Junior Vice President.

It's been interesting seeing the GA from a different angle again, having previously been employed at Solly St, including leading numerous CPD events, and serving on the Secondary Phase Committee for 15 years, and of course being a GA member for many years and attending Conference.

There have been several meetings which have taken place, some of which I have had to give apologies for, or had the chance to take part in virtually, and I managed to make my first Presidents Group meeting earlier in the week, where the Presidents in the current cycle, along with Alan Kinder and the Honorary Treasurer meet to consider matters of importance to the Governing Body.

This highlighted the need for real strategic thinking, considering matters well ahead of time. I won't be sharing any specific details of the outcomes of course at the moment, but there are plenty of interesting developments to keep the Association as vital as it has been for the previous 126 years.
Don't forget that I am writing biographies of all former Presidents of the GA, over on my GA Presidents blog as well.

This week I also had correspondence from Grainne Lenehan who provided me with images of three Presidents who had a connection with Marlborough College, where she is the archivist, filling in a few of the gaps that I had identified in terms of images of Presidents.