Geography really Matters posters

Gill Miller's GA Presidential year is underway, and the theme she has chosen is Geography really Matters.

As part of this, she has set Geographical groups and GA committees a challenge to show how Geography matters to them, and to others within the community.
Two posters have been designed up to display in locations which might not be the usual locations. Rather than putting them up in your classroom and corridors, why not get them into other places?

Primary Poster (also could be used by Secondary)

Secondary Poster (also could be used by Primary)

Gill has just joined Twitter as well, so feel free to follow her on @gillmillergeog

For the posters, you need to go to the GA website to find them, but they are here for you to download, print and distribute as you see fit.
Let's get the message out to more people at this critical time when big decisions are being made by our Politicians.