Guardian Mapping Course.

Booked and heading for this course in February 2020

Here's the description.

Everything happens somewhere. That’s geography.
It’s hard to think of any problem or opportunity that exists, that doesn’t contain an inherent value or have a geospatial value. Geography is social, a form of visual communication, and maps are incredible sources of storytelling.

If you want to unlock the endless possibilities of geography and the mystery of map-making, all you need is your curiosity and creativity (and a laptop, if you like) - and to come to this class. With Paul Naylor and Charley Glynn, visual data design consultants for Ordnance Survey, you will be taken through the theories behind the art of cartography, as well as how maps can be the foundation of any narrative - helping you to convey your message quickly, clearly and with great impact.

Regardless of your level or ability, you will learn how geo data can be used as a key ingredient for a very diverse range of applications, from building maps for your website to learning how to craft compelling infographics. You will also learn the theory and practice behind the art of visualising with geo data, ultimately coming away with a strong understanding of the principles of cartographic design, and the toolkits used to design a web or mobile map.