Keywords Geography App

I was contacted by Joanna Norton, who I spoke to after my session at the Practical Pedagogies Conference in Cologne last year, and who has worked to produce a language app to support young people with the academic language of Geography. 

Keywords Geography is FREE, and available for both iOS and Android devices, and emerged from a 3-year research study carried out by linguists at Trinity College, Dublin. 

Converting this valuable data to a mobile application extends the reach of the findings. 

These would be useful for ESOL students and colleagues as well.

Joanna is keen to develop a community of practice around the use of the App, and contributing to its ongoing developments.

The app has a series of sections, each of which includes audio to explain how to pronounce key words, as well as give examples of their usage in context.

The links to the apps are below for download from the appropriate App store.

Keywords Geography (iOS)

Keywords Geography (android)