Live on the Move - migrants in the Horn of Africa

An animation by Osbert Parker.

LIFE ON THE MOVE: Theatrical Cut from osbert parker on Vimeo.

Here are some details from the website where it is located.

What is the film about?
LIFE ON THE MOVE – is an animated short that explores compelling personal stories from migrants who move across borders in and around the Horn of Africa. The film disrupts mainstream media coverage of migration as a problem by combining academic research with stop motion animation to bring complex social, economic and personal reasons behind migration to life in a more holistic narrative.

What influenced it?
The film is inspired by a multitude of migrant experiences as a way of visualizing social and economic ‘push and pull’ factors, that fuel the different reasons why people move across borders and migration routes. The film is directly influenced by the (MLT) Migration Leadership Team’s research and true-life testimonies conducted in Hargesia, Somaliland by PositiveNegatives.
A little background information...

The (LIDC-MLT) London International Development Centre Migration Leadership Team is leading a series of global conversations with academics, policy and practice experts, artists and migrants. This is a collaborative production, involving multi award-winning film maker Osbert Parker, LIDC-MLT, non-profit organisation PositiveNegatives, artist and graphic novelist Karrie Fransman with field work facilitated by the International Organisation for Migration. The research film is an animation, that tells multiple complex stories on mixed migration and is intended to be used as a tool that may inspire other researchers to engage in similar arts-based collaborations looking to develop impact from their research.