SAGT Conference 2019 #1 - The reason for going...

The SAGT Conference has been an annual visit for me for most of the last 15 years other than when I have been abroad on other trips.
The Scottish Association of Geography Teachers has a one day conference, and has keynotes and seminars and a publishers' exhibition.
I've previously attended to man the GA stand, including one year with Margaret Roberts, another with Bob Digby, last year with Stephen Scoffham, and always presented something at the conference, and often won awards there too - which is nice...

This year, I was heading up to present a seminar on the South Georgia Heritage Trust, and a new resource I'm writing for them.

This will be made available via the South Georgia Heritage Trust website.

I'm going to post more about the conference in further forthcoming posts over the next few days, but to get things started, here's a version of the slides that Val Vannet and I used.

Thanks to those who came along to see us speaking.
As previously, the conference was hosted by Dollar Academy below the Ochill range of hills, which once again looked beautiful in the autumn sunshine.

South Georgia also featured in the first episode of David Attenborough's new series Seven World, One Planet, which started on Sunday. Check it out on iPlayer.

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