Climate Change Curriculum from ThoughtBox

ThoughtBox has produced a whole series of resources, which are shared on a subscription basis.

Yesterday they launched their free Climate Crisis Curriculum for the climate-strike generation. Register details and you get the link and password to access the materials.

LESSON 1 | IMMERSE | Our Changing Climate
Engaging with some of the realities of climate change, introducing the science and exploring ‘Deep Time’

LESSON 2 | UNDERSTAND | Cause and Effect
Exploring cause & effect of climate change and understanding the influence of human activities.

LESSON 3 | PERSPECTIVES | The Ripple Effects
Empathising with the impact of climate change in different communities, contexts and environments.

LESSON 4 | EMPOWER | Be the Change
Connecting with global changemakers and exploring emotional responses to climate change, learning to move from anxiety to empowerment.

There are 4 modules, each with resources and supporting materials as well as lesson plans.

I haven't had a close look at them yet, but will be doing so shortly, as there are other Climate Change related activities planned for 2020.