Factfulness resources shared by Matt Podbury

Image may contain: 1 personGo over to GeographyPods for some excellent new Factfulness work which has been shared. Links in the post below....

Factfulness SOW - I have been trialing some KS3 mini units of work on the Factfulness work by Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Good news is that the kids seem to have really enjoyed them. The 25 copies of the books that were bought have also been taken away to be read by some of the younger students too!

Y7/G6 - http://www.geographypods.com/g6-factfulness.html - focusing on the authors, approaching bad news, how to read the bubble chart, the gap instinct, the four levels (including a ready to go card sort activity).

Y8/G7 - http://www.geographypods.com/g7-factfulness.html Are you smarter than a chimp?, Is the world getting worse?

Y9/G8 - http://www.geographypods.com/g8-factfulness.html Walking down Dollar Street (breaking development stereotypes).

I'm hoping that promoting this type of critical thinking will pay dividends at KS4 & KS5. I'll be refining and adding stuff to the units when I tackle them again next year.

Feel free to take anything within, adapt and try out with your students. It's all free to access.

PS - Blockposters works really well if you want to have a large classroom copy of the bubble chart (see second photo). File here: https://www.scribd.com/document/430632637/Gapminder-World-Health-Chart