Flickr followers - a 100th follower needed please

I've been sharing images over on Flickr for over 12 years.
There have been over 28 000 images added to my account, and they have been viewed three-quarters of a million times.
I'm on 99 followers, so if you would like to follow me and have your own Flickr account please do, and I shall follow you back.... it would be good to get over 100 followers.

David Holmes is one of the geographers who uses Flickr to share his images, and he has produced a useful account called Geography SouthWest with albums which I have contributed a few images to.

Do you use Flickr?
Please let me know, and I will put together a list of Geographers using Flickr for a future Webwatch list.
A few others that I have used.

Bryan Ledgard:
Geographical Association (includes Conference photos from the last few years):

Scottish Association of Geography Teachers - many images taken by Val Vannet

Ordnance Survey: