Exhausting a place.

About a month ago, I got a copy of a free PDF download of a book on the geographical influence of Georges Perec.
Perec was a very interesting character. There are some of his ideas which I shall be developing and building in to various sessions which are coming up.

There are some interesting pieces in the book, particularly a piece by David Matless, which set me off in various directions.
This led me to investigate a few further works of Perec, which are available in full as PDFs.
From here, I headed for one book that was mentioned: "Species of Space".

Finally, we come to the title of this post and its meaning.

One of the experiments that Perec did was sit at a cafe for three days, and observe and record everything that he saw. The book is below. It can be downloaded as a PDF from this link.

An extreme ethnographic investigation....