Goldsmith Street, Norwich

This street in Norwich won a national award from RIBA for its architecture in October 2019.
The full details appeared in the newspaper in July of that year.

In this piece, it describes the other schemes that Goldsmith Street was up against.
The details are here.

The BBC announced the prize in this piece.

I am going to visit at some point when I am in Norwich and take some photos for a resource I am writing, but discreetly to avoid issues.
There were some good sustainable ideas for those teaching about sustainable communities within these articles in terms of design of the buildings and layout of the whole development.
The term "sense of place" was mentioned.
Houses are modelled around the nearby Victorian terraced streets, in seven-house terrace blocks.
Insulation and light-absorbing materials are used to ensure that energy use is minimal.
Windows are angled to catch the winter sun, but avoid the worst of the summer sun which would mean they heat up.
The development is arranged in seven terraced blocks - modelled on nearby Victorian streets - and features rows of two-storey houses bookended by three-storey flats (Photo: Riba)

Rooves are angled at 15 degrees to avoid casting shadows into the next street and row of houses.
Even letter boxes are carefully designed to avoid draughts.
The success has led to a few issues
There are a number of tours which have been put on, and some residents, although they were grateful for the fact they were now living in a well designed house were not happy with being photographed and having people staring through their windows.
There have been a few snagging issues of course, as one would expect.

If you're in Bristol, this event is in January with the architect may be worth attending to develop this as a sustainable housing case study to replace BedZed perhaps.