Iceland - a new blog for 2020

I've launched a new blog today - part of my new writing challenge of writing a million words during the year, but also to tie in with other new projects I'm taking on during 2020.

It's called Fieldnotes from Iceland, and the first post explains more of what it's going to be offering.

It's hopefully going to help all those who are (or aren't) visiting Iceland: students and teachers (and those who aren't connected with a school at all) to share thoughts, experiences, hints and tips, Icelandic language, culture, history and literature.

There'll be stories in the news, and details of the Icelandic landscape and how it has been formed (and continues to be formed).
It will suggest places to visit, social media accounts to follow, books to read and music to listen to.
If you have some suggested content, or a resource or app we might be interested in featuring here, please get in touch.
I'd also be more than happy to receive any guidance on some of your favourite places, lovely images or anything else Icelandic.

I'll be adding one entry each day during the year, to help you build up a '2020 vision' of this remarkable country. 
Feel free to subscribe to this blog (and LivingGeography as well)