Looking ahead to the first half of 2020

Image result for 2020A new decade started today, and I've got plenty to kick off the year with in the next few months.

I'm going to do a few courses to learn some new skills. I'm doing a travel writing session at the Royal Geographical Society, and a mapping course at The Guardian HQ (where we used to have our Mission:Explore team meetings back in the day).
I'm also taking part in Daniel Raven Ellison's Hack Day to create a Slow Ways network of routes between UK towns and cities. Alongside that are continued meetings connected with my role as Junior Vice President of the Geographical  Association.
I'm welcoming a range of visitors to school including OS surveyors, writers and Polar explorer Felicity Aston.
ERASMUS projects will kick in with meetings for both the GI Pedagogy and the D3 projects, with visits to Italy, Germany and Belgium in the next six months. I'll also be taking the GA Presidents Blog through the 1950s and towards the 1960s.

I've also got a new book coming out, and will also be finishing my resource pack for the South Georgia Heritage Trust. And there's a new blog launching later for another little side project.

There are a few other things in the pipeline which I'll announce when I can, including several writing projects, and a little more travelling. I've realised that it's time to make the most of relatively stable and predictable times. One idea which I got from someone else on Twitter would be track the words I write, and aim for a million words. I'm certainly going to up my writing output, alongside my reading to clear the pile of books by my desk, and just under 3000 words a day seems vaguely manageable. 

On the other side of the coin, I am going to continue to explore how to weave climate change into my teaching to inform and prepare students for the changing world they will live in, which will require them to adapt and hopefully mitigate the worst effects. 
I've already got a collaboration going with the Head of Science to get some closer links between our curriculum topics.

Whatever you've got planned for the year ahead, I hope that you have a healthy one and it ends better than it will begin, with the beginning of the loss of opportunity for millions of young people to freely travel, work, study and live within the EU and untold other negatives.