GeogRamblings video on the Australian Bushfire Season 2019-20

A rather excellent new video from the Geogramblings blog, with Kit Rackley talking about the bushfires in Australia and the extent to which climate change may have been to blame. Kit unpicks the science and includes links through to all the reports, videos and other material that went into the planning of the video.

The first 'Geogramblings' blog video focuses on the recent bushfires in Australia. But can they be attributed to climate change? How far has the science of climate change attribution come along? Full Geogramblings blog post: With thanks to Weatherquest for their support. Check out their YouTube Channel: References: - Carbon Brief: Why scientists think 100% of global warming is due to humans - Zhou et al (2013) - Funk et al (2018) - Carbon Brief: Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world - Scientific American: Scientists Can Now Blame Individual Natural Disasters on Climate Change - BBC News (7 Dec 2019) Indian Ocean Dipole: What is it and why is it linked to floods and bushfires? - Climate Signals: Australia Bushfire Season 2019-2020 - ABC News: Wildfires rage through parts of Australia - Video: Pyrocumulonimbus at the Sedgerly Fire, Queensland - Video: Weatherquest Farming Forecast (7th Jan 2020) - BBC World Service Digital Planet: Tech tracking Australian fires - Jen Monk's teaching resources:


Kit Rackley said…
Thank you, Alan! I'm scheduling to publish a video once a month. If you or your subscribers wish to throw me an idea or two, or collaborate - let me know!