Ötzi - more research outcomes

Thanks to Stephen Schwab for telling me about this new research video. There has been plenty of research on the contents of his stomach.

"A new study from the University of Glasgow examined fragments of frozen vegetation buried alongside or inside Otzi, which includes 75 different species of mosses and liverworts." "Only 30% of the species are local, others were likely transported via Otzi's clothing or inside his gut." "According to New Scientist, researchers found a type of bog moss in Otzi's colon that is used to staunch wounds, and may have been used to treat a gash on his palm." "His intestines also contained the moss Neckera complanata and traces of pollen." "Both moss species are found in low-elevation woodlands, while Otzi was found 3,200 meters above sea level." "This suggests the Iceman travelled from the forests below and went through Schnalstal valley on his final ascent."

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