COVID-19 Home Learning Resources for Geographers #2

I will be sharing resources in this series of posts relating to home working. I'm currently going through the planned content for the next half term or so and seeing what is essential in terms of knowledge, skills, thinking etc.

The first site I will direct students to is SETERRA.
This will test their general geographical knowledge of places an, including the areas of the world we have been looking at for the first half of the year.

Two teachers sharing next:

Rob Chambers has made his materials available free of charge for years, and he is now sharing his GCSE materials here for those doing AQA GCSE in particular.

And here's Mr. McAllister for OCR A

If you have resources or ideas that you want to share here in future posts get in touch via comments or e-mail / Twitter and I'll add you to the blog along with links to your resource / idea. We need to stick together as well as staying apart.
Strange times.

Stay safe!