D3 YouthMetre - questionnaire request.

If you had a few minutes to spare, it would be fantastic if you could provide some answers to the questions on this Google Form.
They will help us consider the new dimension of remote / home / distance learning which hundreds of thousands of students and teachers are having to adjust to over the coming weeks (and which has already taken place in some countries some weeks ago.

Original request below:

A request for anyone who is already home working or is about to start perhaps. I am involved in an ERASMUS project called "Developing Digital Data Literacy" which aims to produce training and learning materials for young people in the use of Open Data and tools to help them make important decisions. We are currently re-evaluating everything we did so far in the light of coronavirus to create something which is going to be genuinely valuable when schools reopen and young people are faced with a work situation. It would be fantastic if you could fill in the questionnaire if you had 5-10 minutes in the next week or so, and share the link within your networks - it's not just geography specific either .

Many thanks in advance of your responses, which will be anonymous.

Please share / TWEET the link here.