Missing your Costa fix?

I don't drink a lot of coffee from cafes. My school has a decent coffee machine in the staff kitchen, and perhaps the one I use the most is the cafe at the petrol station where I refill my car on the way to work. also used which are currently down, which is a pity as I think they would make a good lockdown resource. I wrote the Costa for Schools resources (2 sets of them actually) a few years ago, but they seem to be offline at the moment, which is a pity.
However, for millions of people, the take-out coffee was part of their daily routine.
Many chains have been shut for several months, with a few independent places re-opening, particularly in coastal locations over the last few days as people have headed for the beaches as if there isn't a global pandemic.

Jennifer Ferreira is doing some research on our changing coffee consumption as a result of Covid-19, one of the first bits of research I've seen to explore the impacts on a particular industry. If you have a few minutes, perhaps while waiting for the kettle to boil, let Jennifer know how your habits have changed and your thoughts on the closure of coffee outlets.
Check out the rest of Jennifer's blog while you're there.

Image: Alan Parkinson, taken in Bruges.