Chirpty circles

These circles have been appearing all over social media feeds in the last few days. 

They have been created by a website called Chirpty.

Free slots for creating circles are released every 15 minutes. Check in at those times to grab a slot.

The circles use code by Simone Masiero.
Details on their creation are here.
The website uses an algorithm which explores the connections with other Twitter accounts over a period of time.
Chirpty does NOT use any login or permissions. 
Chirpty uses only publicly available data from the Twitter API.

For the purpose of this project we will consider an interaction as when the user likes/responds/retweets a post. We will not count when other users interact with us.
We will assign a value to each of these actions because a retweet is arguably a greater sign of interaction than a like.
Like: 1.0
Reply: 1.1
Retweet: 1.3

These values are completely arbitraryNot everyone likes them for some reason.
I'm intrigued to see the accounts that I most often visit, but I could have guessed most of these would have been in the circle based on the last few weeks' engagements and projects.
If I was to have created these at the same time in previous years they would of course have looked very different. I tend to follow and unfollow and engage with people depending on my current writing projects and teaching. This lockdown period has meant some different engagements to the usual.
Only connect...
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