GA Sheffield Branch Teachmeet

Well done to those involved in resurrecting the GA's Sheffield Branch.
It's very important that the city which is home to the GA has an active branch.

The new branch is launching with a Teachmeet on the 8th of July at 7pm.

The Northern Powerhouse - reflections of Geography teachers and Northern Geographers

About this Event
Join our first Teach Meet event! Listen to and share ideas with colleagues in and around the South Yorkshire region. Topics will focus on the 'new normal' as we plan our return to school in September, and what this could look like. During this period of uncertainty, we hope that sharing ideas and taking part in discussions will support in knowing that we are all facing similar challenges, and that we have a strong community available to share ideas on how best to help overcome these.

Topics will include: curriculum planning for September, NQT/RQT year, booklets, and use of technology to support with distance learning.

The event is open to all Geographers regardless of background!

This will also be a great opportunity to find out more about the Sheffield GA branch, and events we have planned for the future.

Thanks to those who have got together to start the branch, particularly Tom, Bethan, Clarry and Mark who were mentioned on the documents I saw at the latest GA Governing Body meeting where branch requests are ratified.