Mini Town

Mini Town is a free download when you subscribe to the excellent Dark Imp gaming website.
Go here to SUBSCRIBE for free and get your free Mini Town game.

Here's an explanation of how to play the game, which will show you the gist of the game as well before you download it.

As you can see, there's some spatial elements there and strategy for a game which is very easy to play and requires very little equipment. In fact it could be played with just a piece of paper and a pen and access to a smartphone. Google "roll 2 d6" and the search engine will do it for you. The game uses an element of strategy, with a points system which makes you think about placement, but also as the game progresses an element of luck as spaces on the board fill up.

For an extension task, I can imagine expanding the board to 8x8 and using "roll 2 d8" instead. Or add new buildings with new rules for points scoring depending on the relationship with other buildings and the roads.

I've set this game as a part of the remote learning work for this week, the last week of term for me and started to get some images of completed score cards to see how students have done.

The site contains lots of ideas for how board games can bring families together and also coincidentally groups of students. I have about 20 games piled up on the top of a cupboard in my classroom. I'm not sure of the practicalities of using them when we return.