Last summer, in happier times, I met up with Anthony Bennett from InternetGeography.
Anthony has created an excellent subscription website, which costs £20 for access to a whole host of resources, which Anthony is adding to all the time. He has also created stand alone resources, such as a DME which I use, and is just a few pounds to purchase.

The reason we met up in a beer garden in Holme-next-the-Sea was that Anthony was down in Norfolk to collect imagery and fly his drone to develop some new materials.

We talked all things geography and discovered, amazingly, that Anthony would have been a pupil at the time when I was doing my PGCE teaching practice at Bransholme School in Hull, back in 1986/7.

Which makes me surprisingly old, and him surprisingly young.

Other geographers are very welcome to meet up for a beer on the Norfolk coast when we are allowed to again...

Now is the time to support small businesses like Anthony's and also charities such as the Geographical Assocation (of course) who are now charting uncertain waters, as are many colleagues whose contracts are not as 'secure' in terms of payment as established teachers. 
If you can, please continue to support them / share a little of your departmental budget - think how much less photocopying you're likely to be doing now for example...