Marie Tharp - 100th anniversary of her birth

There are commemorations taking place to mark the 100th anniversary of Marie Tharp's birth. Marie Tharp was a cartographer who mapped the ocean floor.
I have a wonderful picture book on her work and life called 'Solving the Puzzle under the Sea'.

Her father was a mapmaker.

“A home where education was a priority, and a father whose profession provided a role model in science in general, and mapmaking in particular, were likely strong influences in Marie’s life. Indeed, mentorship and a broadly inclusive environment are now recognized as key components of programs to promote diversity in the workforce.”

There is plenty of detail on her in this piece from Columbia University.

Visit Twitter and search #MarieTharp100 for more images and information on her life and work, which as was so often the case with female scientists, particularly at the time, involved a lot of discrimination and unfair treatment, including her ideas not being credited in academic papers, and not being able to go on research trips.

Before Tharp and Heezen’s 1957 map of the Atlantic seafloor, scientists assumed the bottom of the ocean was mostly flat and featureless. Reproduced with permission from Marie Tharp Maps LLC and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.