Castle Acre - case study

I chose Castle Acre for one of the new chapters of the 2nd edition of the 'Fieldwork through Enquiry' book and visited it a couple of years ago to take images for possible inclusion in the book. They can be seen in this Flickr album.

Castle Acre is a small village four miles to the north of Swaffham, and just off the road from there to Fakenham: the route that I take to and from work each day.

It has a good mix of shops and services for a place of its size, and also a number of historic buildings including a Castle and a Priory managed by English Heritage. 
There's a rather fine fish and chip shop which I frequent when the mood for good fish and chips takes me, which is often...

I have now started work on a virtual fieldwork activity based around an esri StoryMap which I am creating for the village, using one of the standard ESRI StoryMap templates.

This will develop over the next month or so before I share it... I was hoping to share it today for World GIS Day but it isn't quite ready yet...

The book has now been added to the GA shop, so feel free to add it to your department library. It is available at a discounted price for £19.99.


Thanks to Kit Rackley for sending a link through to his own Castle Acre resources.