Special edition of IRGEE on GeoCapabilities

There is a special edition of the International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education (IRGEE) journal which is now available, with mostly open access papers.

The edition is edited by Sirpa Tani and David Lambert, with a special input from Richard Bustin. The introduction is well worth reading - Richard outlines the idea of GeoCapabilities and 'Powerful knowledge' with tremendous clarity. He wrote a book on the project which grew out of his doctorate.


I was very proud to have been involved in the 2nd phase of the project - this involved me being asked to join the team by Professor David Lambert to help shape the production of teaching resources and a training course as part of the funded project. I was able to attend meetings in Belgium and Finland twice and other locations, and work with some fine colleagues as well as attend several conferences to talk about the work we were doing.

For all my GeoCapabilities posts, you can search the blog. There are lots of them using the label.

The GeoCapabilities project has now reached its 3rd phase.

Here's Richard talking about the project back in the day:

For more on this idea, with lectures from David Lambert and Dick Boehm see this conference page. There is plenty of great interest here, particularly David's talk on capabilities compared with the outcome based competence model.