Cornish lithium and electric cars

Electric cars are going to be manufactured in greater quantities in coming years as those requiring fossil fuels are phased out - perhaps by 2030.
They need batteries to operate of course, and the technology has been developing and the range of the vehicles increasing steadily over recent years to overcome the drawback of limited range and the need for lengthy recharges when making anything other than short journeys.
The batteries use lithium, and there is a good supply down in Cornwall it seems, which is a lot closer than Bolivia, which has large quantities of lithium.

Cornish Lithium has just raised over £5 million to help develop their plans for the industry, with backers crowdfunding their plans.

A useful article here on the environmental impacts of lithium mining.

The battery of a Tesla Model S has about 12 kilograms of lithium in it, while grid storage solutions that will help balance renewable energy would need much more.

A useful Friends of the Earth newsletter provides more information on lithium.