Fieldwork through Enquiry - 2nd edition

Image: Bryan Ledgard

Fieldwork through Enquiry was published in 2015 - here's some young geographers looking at it excitedly in a photo which was in no way posed.

I've been waiting for the 2nd edition to be added to the shop and it is finally there and ready for you to add to your departmental library and purchase from the GA Shop.

It's an updated version of the 1st edition, with additional content and new apps and ideas. John Widdowson and I have worked to update the book substantially.

I've re-written my chapters, and several of them have changed as a result of changes to the way that fieldwork is assessed, and also to link it closer to exam specifications.

Since the book went to print of course we've had the pandemic, which delayed production, and have been waiting for over 6 months longer than expected. 

Many thanks particularly to Anna Grandfield who worked wonders to get the book completed and out to the printers at the end of the production cycle, and to everyone else who helped bring the book to completion including Elaine Anderson with whom John and I met to discuss the project some time ago when the world was different...