Buying options for 'Why Study Geography?'

If you're after buying a copy of 'Why Study Geography?' and with options time coming up why wouldn't you? there are several options for getting hold of a copy.

The book is available from the publishers: London Publishing Partnership. They offer print copies, plus PDF, and ePUB versions.

Amazon is many people's first port of call, but keeps going in and out of stock, and the dates they give aren't always accurate. 
If you go to the options for buying below the PRIME option above, you can find it from the Book Depository, Blackwells and a number of other sellers.
Amazon also has a Kindle edition at only £9.00 which may be convenient for those who like that format.

There's a growing number of international options as well including from the publisher.

In normal times, I would be going to all sorts of events over the coming months and selling copies face to face and signing them. 

I may do that as we move further into the year and I am able to go to events once again.