Climate Crisis: Our Changing World - new digital ITV Weather series

A new series on the Climate Crisis presented by three ITV weather presenters: Laura Tobin, Lucy Verasamy and Alex Beresford has started on the ITV website.

Regular readers of the blog will know that I taught Lucy 'A' level Geography. She's done quite well for herself since.

This series explores the impact of the Climate crisis on the UK, and all three presenters share their views.

Lucy said of the climate crisis:

Climate change is in free fall - records are breaking so frequently and extremes are being exceeded so often we can barely keep up.

The planet is changing at a head spinning pace we've never known - it's been a 2020 meltdown in every sense.

Often drowned out by other headlines - more so this year than ever before - this series aims to prioritise the climate change conversation - and we hope you can join us.

The page contains a timeline of Climate events so far in 2020 as well.
One to follow.