Multicultural London Film and Map App from Time for Geography

A very useful resource shared by Time for Geography, complete with an esri map app to explore the multicultural nature of London's neighbourhoods.

Start with the video here, which has been made with Dr Mary Kelly.


Globalisation has made it easier for people to move around the world. In cities, this has led to the rise of multiculturalism, where lots of different cultural or ethnic groups live side by side.

In this video we team up with Dr Mary Kelly from Kingston University London, to explore multiculturalism in London: a city home to more that 50 different cultural communities who have arrived here over the last 500 years. The video asks why people of different ethnic backgrounds are clustered in different parts of the city and investigates the processes behind this, through story of one of London's major cultural groups: West Indian migrants (the Windrush Generation).

Time for Geography also thank Tony Warner from Black History Walks and the Black Cultural Archives for helping make thivideo possible.

Move on to explore the map app.