Polar Exposure - a chance to pre-order

 Felicity Aston has 

You can now pre-order Felicity Aston's new book here.

I ordered my copy yesterday.


What does it take to ski to the North Pole? British Polar Explorer, Felicity Aston MBE, sets out to dismantle stereotypes and challenge cultural barriers by gathering a novice team of ten women from across Europe and the Middle East to ski together over the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. As boldly pioneering as the expedition, this account of the journey is told by each team member in their own words, to vividly reveal the determination, bravery and humour necessary to reach the top of the world.

Set against a backdrop of Arctic pack ice that is thinner, newer and less stable than ever before having been steadily diminished by climate change, team members reccount the highs and lows of preparing and training for the expedition as well as the terrifying reality of the Arctic Ocean; a landscape that feels like solid ground underfoot but is actually a constantly shifting patchwork of unpredictable, un-navigable, intimidating ice, roamed by polar bears and at temperatures three times colder than the inside of a home freezer.

Overcoming personal struggles as well as group adversity, the team's collective experiences provide rare insight of Western and Arabian cultures, providing greater understanding and a deeper appreciation of our common humanity.

This is a story that has the power to inspire us all to reach beyond the expectation of others and to fulfil our own ultimate life ambitions.