Barry Lopez and 'American Geography'

Thanks to Robert MacFarlane for this link this evening. It is an essay to accompany a book of photographs. I've just spent some time exploring Tonopah, Nevada on Google Street View as a result of this amazing image here.

The piece was published here.

The book is out in March 2021.

From the same LitHub site I came across the news that Barry had been awarded the first 'Writer in the World' prize.

He is the perfect recipient of this award.

Consider these words of Barry:

“The role of the artist, in part, is to develop the conversations, the stories, the drawings, the films, the music—the expressions of awe and wonder and mystery—that remind us, especially in our worst times, of what is still possible, of what we haven’t yet imagined. And it is by looking to one another, by attending to the responsibilities of maintaining good relations in whatever we do, that communities turn a gathering darkness into light.”