For those investigating food and farming, or the UK landscape and land use.

An AI generated map showing crops being grown in the USA and European countries.

Details here on how it was created:

The map was created by a Belarus-based ag-tech startup OneSoil. We build technologies that analyze satellite imagery using machine learning algorithms. It took us half a year to create the map. First, we learned how to clean the satellite photos from artifacts to ensure correct processing of information. Second, we trained an algorithm to allocate field boundaries automatically. For the map, we simplified the boundaries so that the visualization is really fast. The accuracy of crop classification, or F1 score, is 0.91. Third, we trained another algorithm to automatically determine a crop that grows on a field. Fourth, we created what you can now see: the map.

Credits: European Union, contains Copernicus Sentinel data (2016-2017-2018).

Here's my home area. It's accurate for here, although it may not be accurate for all locations as it's an AI looking at satellite images.

The data are for 2018. If you want to access more up to date information you can pay for it.