K-shaped recovery

This has been an interesting new area to consider: the alternative way that businesses are rebounding from the impact of Covid-19.

Some have prospered, whereas others have foundered. Some have gained more support than others. Some have been able to stay open, others have had to close - sometimes at very short notice.

It was referenced here... and I wanted to check what it meant by a 'K-shaped' recovery.

There are more lockdowns and shocks to come before we are out of the woods, and Brexit deal we have will not help. Any bounceback would have happened anyway...

Here's an illustration of the K-shaped recovery curves.

Source: https://www.uschamber.com/series/above-the-fold/what-the-k-shaped-recovery

One to add to the New PC Geographies Work that is ongoing. Check earlier posts for more on that.