New blogging

I've just finished a blog project on Iceland. I blogged each day for the whole of 2020 about the country, which I had been due to visit four times last year, but visited zero times. The blog can be viewed here, and is called Fieldnotes from Iceland.

On the 1st of January, I started a new blog for 2021.

It relates to my involvement with the Geographical Association. I will be developing the theme for my own GA Conference in 2022, which will be based on geographies of the everyday: the quotidian.

This is the Quotidian Geographies blog.

During 2021, you also have a chance to earn one of 100 special badges that I have had made as well. Two of these are already taken: by myself and my mentor Claire. 

I'll explain how you can get your hands on one of the remaining 98 later in the year.... it will involve a small amount of effort. Stephen Schwab has also suggested a project which will provide an opportunity to earn one as we move through the year.


Mimi said…
I'm interested in following your Quotidian Geographies blog. How does one receive an invitation? I attempted to follow this blog, but I received a message saying I must be invited. Thanks.

Mimi in Welcome, Texas

Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks - I had forgotten to change the blog to PUBLIC. It was set to Private ahead of launch while I wrote some initial posts for the first month or so. Thanks for your interest. The blog is now open.