RIGEO - latest issue

The Winter 2020 issue of the open access journal: Review of International Geographical Education (RIGEO) has just been published with ten articles from 6 different countries and 1 book review.

The book being reviewed is RIGEO is 'Why Study Geography?'. 
The review is written by Professor David Lambert, Emeritus Professor of Geography Education from UCL IOE.

It's a very fair review and includes some very positive comments on both the book, and on my own work and 'credentials' for writing it. There are a few comments on the relative absence of the Black Lives Matter movement, although students are challenged to be agents of change in the book, and to find out more about the work of Francisca Rockey and others in the Black Geographers movement, who appear on pp.149-50 of the book. There's always more that could have been added of course, which would have gone beyond the original remit a little but is a fair criticism and something to consider with any current work in geography education. We need to reset as we enter 2021 and learn how to speak about racism and the underpresentation of people of colour in academic geography and other areas.

Thanks to David for his review and additional comments.

I hope that it might make more of you want to get your hands on the book.

I'll look forward to a 2nd edition at some point as well. There are already quite a few new resources that have emerged since publication in October 2020.