Future Geographers at the GA Conference

For some years, the GA has had a Future Geographers strand to the GA Conference.

This involves students coming along, who in previous years have enjoyed session from people such as Ben Hennig and Dan Raven Ellison, alongside academic geography input and some laboratory sessions and fieldwork.

The Vice President is usually heavily involved in the day and this year, that's me.

We have a very good day lined up for the students who have signed up, and it can be seen below:

10.30–11.30 Dr Sarah Mills, Reader in Human Geography, Loughborough University
Keynote lecture: Mapping the moral geographies of education: character, citizenship and values
Debates around character or moral education are long-standing, but also represent a current political ‘hot topic’. This lecture explores recent trends across formal and informal education towards (or back to) ‘character’, ‘citizenship’ and ‘values’. Drawing on research and debates within the field of geographies of childhood, youth and education, the talk examines character education in schools and the growing role of military ethos providers, as well as nature-based encounters inside and outside of schools. It also critically reflects on the rise of youth volunteering and UK's National Citizen Service. Overall, this lecture examines the re-imagining and re-fashioning of a ‘character agenda’, demonstrating how geography matters.

11.45–12.45 Alice Griffiths, Geography Consultant and Writer
Quantitative and qualitative data in human geography fieldwork
This session will evaluate the pros and cons of different quantitative and qualitative sources for independent investigations and fieldwork, focusing on the census, social media, interviews and questionnaires, and discuss the quality of data and the implications for investigations.

12.45–13.30 Alan Parkinson, GA Junior Vice President 2019–20 and Head of Geography at Kings Ely Junior
Geography: where can it take you?
This session will provide guidance for those thinking of studying geography at university, and explore the variety of exciting careers that studying geography can lead on to. 

I may, or may not be mentioning my book 'Why Study Geography?' Here's a sneak preview:

13.30–14.15 Lunch

14.15–15.15 Jennifer Johnston, Restless Earth Coordinator, British Cartographic Society
Restless Earth
This session will focus on cartographic practices, geography and teamwork. Working with information packs including large Japanese reference maps, teams will create their own disaster relief maps that include the flood zone, nuclear exclusion zone, key infrastructure and places of importance to the relief efforts for a given disaster-relief role – the military, a humanitarian agency, a search and rescue team, a medical team and the response co-ordinator.

15.15–15.45 Break

15.45–16.45 Amy and Ella, Kids Against Plastic
The next change maker is YOU (that's right, you!)
Amy (16) and Ella (14) will talk about how and why they founded their charity, Kids Against Plastic, and then give a practical and interactive workshop designed to inspire, empower and grow students’ change-making potential.

16.45–17.00 Closing comments

I will also be joining one of the morning sessions before the day starts, and ending the day with Sharon Witt giving the Rex Walford Memorial lecture.

If you haven't booked for the Conference yet, there is still time.

See you there I hope.