National Audit Office Report on Flooding Risk

Thanks to Stephen Schwab for the lead to this report from November 2020.

With the flooding caused by Storm Cristoph making the news back in November (and other named and unnamed storms since), partly because of the threat to a warehouse which was being used to store COVID-19 vaccines, it's a reminder of the large threat posed by flooding, which is the hazard most likely to affect residents of the UK.

The National Audit Office has the responsibility of ensuring that activity shows a good 'value for money'. I wonder whether they are going to investigate some of the procurement of PPE that took place that year for example.

They have published a report on the 'value for money' offered by flood defences installed and maintained by the Environment Agency.

You can read their report summary by clicking this link.

A map visualisation is available here.

This map shows the areas shaded by the numbers of properties which are at risk of flooding.