GA Conference 2021 - #20 - Day 3 highlights

The final full day of the GA Conference was once again full of sessions which stood out for me when I flicked through the programme.

Duncan Hawley and Karen Dunn from the GA's Physical Geography SIG reminded delegates that there is also a compassionate element to our relationship with place and the landscape.

As mentioned in a previous post, Orlaith Roche led an excellent session which I attended, on teaching concepts such as 'Identity' and 'Britishness' through curriculum artefacts. She explored a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah which I have also used. More to come on this in the next few weeks.

Steve Brace shared an RGS report called 'The geography of geography' which I have previously referenced in work around 'Why Study Geography?'

One of my favourite sessions of the conference was one on Soccernomics with John Wilkinson. See the separate blog post on this as well.

I heard very good things about John Curtin's keynote lecture on Flooding in England: past, present and future from those who attended. 

There were quite a few sessions which explored using young people's own experiences to inform our teaching which was good to see. The Everyday / quotidian theme is one I shall pick up on later.

Sarah Rimmington from Discover the World Education explored tourism post COVID-19.

Chris Pyle, who is Head of Lancaster Royal Grammar School explored notions of hope and environmental themes - something also explored by other speakers including David Alcock.

Chantal Mayo-Holloway introduced delegates to the Voices Project, which has received GA funding.

Iain Freeland, OFSTED's HMI and Subject Lead for Geography explored the research on curriculum.

Kate Stockings talked about what it means to be a Head of Geography.

James Cheshire, Anne Dolan and Joe Usher explored various themes relating to COVID-19.

Brendan Conway shared some of our work linked to the GI Pedagogy project and his own work using GIS creatively.

Sharon Witt gave the Rex Walford Memorial Lecture.

I shall be catching up with all these sessions on the recordings feature which delegates will have been sent details of.