GA Conference 2021 - #4 - Some pre-conference assistance required


Several of the sessions at the forthcoming GA Conference are based partly on input from delegates. This is something which is enabled through a range of technological tools.

Kit Rackley is one of the sessions requiring some help. They have asked delegates (and others) to fill in a questionnaire on environmental privilege.

I almost got 100% on this. Here's the basis for the session.

Please also help the Early Careers Geography network with their session too - their query is below:

Plenty more to come.

The #gaconf21 hashtag is starting to come to life. There is another event with a similar hashtag for the next few days, which is exploring games for people with disabilities and is using the #gaconf hashtag for the next few days. We wish them good luck for their conference.

Updated - here's David Rogers asking for some help too...