Paras koko tänä vuonna lukemani maantieteen kirja

Thanks very much to Professor Sirpa Tani of Helsinki University for a lovely and detailed review of my 'Why Study Geography?' book and suggesting that it would be of particular value for Finnish teachers and students to compare the Finnish system with the UK system, and also provide a useful set of tools and other resources to refer to. The review is in the Finnish 'Terra' publication.

Sirpa has obviously read the book thoroughly and goes through its contents chapter by chapter, and describes the sections which are of particular value to Finnish readers and geography educators.

The review ends with this paragraph:

"Parkinson's enthusiasm for geography and his long experience as a geography teacher and textbook author are well reflected in his text. The book is especially for high school students interested in geography and their teachers, to provide perspectives on why geography is worth studying, what future opportunities may open up for those interested in geography, and the role geography plays in solving complex problems. For the Finnish reader, the book opens up interesting possibilities for comparing British geography with Finnish university geography. The book is also very useful for those who are thinking about how the discipline of geography can be applied to other disciplines, and its relevance in the diverse fields of science and education."

The very good translation was done using the DEEPL tool, which we have used for our ERASMUS projects: D3 and GI Pedagogy, which you can find out lots more about on the blog.

And as for the blog post title?

I asked Sirpa for the Finnish words for "the best geography book I have read all year" - she didn't quite say that about the book, but someone might :)

The book is available from the publishers and the usual online bookshops. For orders of more than a few copies the publisher offers discount prices.