Lytton - a warning

Lytton broke the Canadian temperature record this week, by a lot.... Dozens of people died as a result of the heat dome which sat over British Columbia. Still a way to reach those in Death Valley.

Temperatures got close to 50 degrees Celsius. Here's a local news report, with the Mayor taking it in a light-hearted way....

Yesterday however, things changed very much for the worst, with wildfires threatening the village, which is being evacuated.

Mayor Jan Polderman issued the evacuation order late Wednesday, according to a news release from the Village of Lytton. "All residents are advised to leave the community and go to a safe location," it said.
Lytton, which is located about 195 miles east of Vancouver, has a population of 249 residents.

"It's dire. The whole town is on fire," Polderman told CBC News. "It took, like, a whole 15 minutes from the first sign of smoke to, all of a sudden, there being fire everywhere."

This is very worrying news.

More worrying are huge areas of the global South which aren't being covered in the media and are being affected in a much greater way.

Update: July 2nd