East Anglia 350

You will perhaps have heard of the NorthCoast 500
This is a route around the north coast of Scotland which has not gone down well with everyone as it has attracted hundreds of camper van owners, not all of whom are behaving appropriately.

A new option is the EastAnglia 350.

I read about it in a piece in the i newspaper.

This is a route developed by Mark and Isobel Finbow.

The route is shown here, and a physical copy of the map will apparently be available for purchase in Summer 2024. It favours back roads. The couple have a Land Rover they call Eddie, named after St. Edmund, the last King of East Anglia. This is one option for completing the route. 

The route also links with Wild with Consent, which links with landowners who are happy to offer wild camping.

I shall be purchasing the map when it is published.

Image credits: East Anglia 350