Innovative Geography Teaching Grants

The RGS-IBG offer a number of grants of up to £800 each year to support projects suggested by geography teachers.

Realised that I have quite a connection with many of those who have received these awards over the years...

Some interesting projects this year, including the Global Issues project at Chantry High School, Suffolk; Becky Kitchen producing Geography Video Diaries in Buckinghamshire; Anne Ridgway exploring tourism in Namibia; Bob Lang's Chinese art project link-up, and Pat Frean exploring how to heat some Plymouth schools.

In 2008, David Rogers took Geography on tour to produce resources for the new KS3 orders; Wilmington Enterprise College produced some podcasts for Key Stage 3 (does anyone have the direct link to these ?), Chris Lloyd Staples produced some virtual fieldtrips using Google Earth, and a Fairtrade fashion show was developed at the Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.

In 2007, Helen Gosnell produced a virtual fieldtrip to Zambia; the pupils of Morley High School in Leeds explored their local community; Jennifer Brindley produced podcasts in Lanchester; Adam Lawson made Geogdocs; Aylesbury High School explored the Vale of the White Horse, and Andrew Lee and students at Westminster Under School made a documentary DVD about flooding and the River Thames. In the same year (which seems to have been a bumper one for grants), an Edinburgh School aimed to investigate Place names, and Roger Tapping took the Geography roadshow around Sussex.

In 2006, Jamie Buchanan Dunlop did some early DIGITAL EXPLORER-type stuff in the High Atlas mountains, Garry Atterton tried to bridge the gap between primary and secondary, the Windows on our World project started collecting images for virtual fieldwork, and I received my second award for Google Earth: a Users Guide.

In 2005, the Leon Treasure Hunt Challenge took place in Milton Keynes, and Anthony Cheetham asked the mystery question: "Who killed G Joe Raphical" in Swnowdonia National Park; the Windows on our World project got underway as well.

In 2004, Noel Jenkins investigated rural food deserts in East Devon and West Somerset, and Dan Raven Ellison started his filming of 'Windows on the World' which were hosted on his school website. Since then, I have worked with both Noel and Dan many times, and they are two of the giants whose shoulders I stand on...

In 2003, Melissa Gardner explored Team Teaching with Sarah Todd (both former colleagues on the GA Secondary Phase Committee) and I started off my blogging journey with the Geo-Blogs project.

In 2002, Sally Hall produced some Geography Top Trumps and Keith James worked with a school in Shetland to develop role play and critical questioning. Longhill school in Rottingdean explored shanty town redevelopment, and finally, my old friend Ollie Bray
He worked on an online International weather station project at Knox Academy.

Click HERE to download a PDF of a report of the G Joe Raphical mystery in OS MAPPING NEWS.

Deadline is October each year - why not enter this year and see if you can get a grant to help you bring an idea you have to fruition....
Why not target an area that you already working on: KS3, new GCSE or A level specs, a transition project or a new idea for using GIS etc.