GA Conference 2013 - 16 of lots: Mission:Explore Fieldtrip - and a special book offer...

The final contribution that I made to this year's conference was a Mission:Explore fieldtrip...

This was a free fieldtrip.
We've done one for the last three years at the GA Conference.

I gave a brief introduction to the development of Mission:Explore and the background to the Geography Collective. I talked about our books, app and recent project work, and then gave a sample of missions for colleagues to try out in what was by now a very sunny Derby University campus.
Here's the missions list that colleagues had access to, along with sticky swatches, various mints, paint colours, compasses and other materials...

Image copyright: Bryan Ledgard / The Geographical Association - all rights reserved - used with permission

There were some excellent contributions on the #MEDerby13 hashtag.

We have now introduced a special offer related to our Mission:Explore Food book.

Mission:Explore Food – School & Group Offer

Our Mission:Explore Food book has an RRP of £20 and currently costs £17 on Amazon. This is a good deal for 159 illustrated activities in a hardback book… that’s just 10p an activity.

We’ve just created a new offer that is aimed at schools and clubs that want to use Mission:Explore Food as class/workbooks. You can now buy copies for £9.09 including P&P when you buy a case of 11 books for £100.
See all the details on eBay

Nice feedback from a delegate too...

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