Factfulness: a collaborative Scheme of Work

Factfulness:KS3 Scheme of Work - a collaborative document

Factfulness was published in the UK in hardback in April 2018.
It was written by Hans Rosling, in association with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund, of the Gapminder Foundation.
There are existing teaching resources for Gapminder: https://www.gapminder.org/for-teachers/
The book says that there are 10 instincts which lead people to misinterpret the world, and these are explored and unpicked within its pages. They are also supplemented by a large selection of notes and accompanying references.

My idea to use the book, is that these chapters and misconceptions are turned into a Scheme of Work, so I have produced a Google Document, which you can visit HERE, or view below (may need to scroll a little as the embed isn't great...

These could become ten sessions (more open in terms of timing than lessons) as part of a scheme, that users could pick from - there is no compulsion to complete all ten. These will introduce the key misconceptions in the book, and also introduce some of the ideas in the GCSE Specifications of the main awarding bodies. I have put together a draft outline, with some possible Enquiry questions, a possible task as part of the session, some resources as a starter and some other notes where relevant.

All content here is in draft and open to amendments and re-sequencing etc.

Let me know if you'd like to contribute and I'll send you a link which means that you can edit the document.
Slideshows now taking shape too

Ola Rosling has made available all the slide decks from Hans’ talks here: 
 - these will become the main teaching resource perhaps, and save time producing further new slide decks, but the slides can be used, with proper attribution

Here's the Gapminder VIMEO channel as well.