FlexClip Videos

I spent ten minutes today making a video for the coming weekend's open / celebration morning.

This will involve lots of visitors to the Department, and we are going to set up lots of displays as well as putting out Year 7 and 8 projects and sharing some new resources we've had since last year.
The video was made using Flex Clip, which is a very easy to use video making tool.

It's also FREE of charge.
A timeline along the bottom shows the scenes as they build up, and the film can be previewed. Make an account and the film is saved automatically as you work on it.

Add videos or images from either your own library or a large library of stock scenes and videos. Music can also be added - there are some good choices of music to use - all free of charge as well.
Export the video to different sizes right up to 1080p.
I've then uploaded the video to VIMEO so that the quality is kept intact.

Some features of the tool that I like.
FlexClip is an all-in-one web tool for making videos, movies and slideshows in minutes. Some of its key features:

* Completely free.
* Easy to use and clean storyboard, which helped me make my creation and move scenes around
* Large number of stock images, videos and music to use
* Several video templates - I used the travel one.
* Allows you to use different film and video formats
* Flexible editing features like trimming clips, splitting clips, adding text (some with animation effects), music, logos, watermarks etc.

There's also a SUPPORT tab, which offers how-to guides if needed, although all the formatting icons and options are fairly intuitive.